"Chrissie has proven her expertise and skill as a physical therapist with my complex rehabilitation requirements following my hip replacement surgery. Due to her successful techniques, I have achieved great results with a speedy recovery."

Doug DeCinces
Voted All Time 3rd Baseman - Anaheim Angels

"Chrissie's knowledge and skill in treating my shoulder and back has helped me to continue to play water polo at a highly competitive level."

Robert Lynn US National Water Polo Team/
Cercle Des Nageurs De Marseille

"I have been lost in the shuffle with other physical therapists and doctors, but not so at Body Awareness. They took the time to truly personalize and target my treatment. Your encouragement and support made all the difference in the world. Thanks to you all."

Valerie Martin

"Body Awareness became a partner in my rehabilitation. They didn't just work on my back, but followed the trail to my hip and even my foot. Each area treated inched me closer to OUR goal of being 100%. Free to live without restriction, fear of re-injury, or fear of pain."

Cindy Siebuhr

"I can do all I want to do. I am skiing, golfing, swimming, and feel much more in control of my back and future."

Thomas Gorla

"Imagine my surprise when I came in for hip pain and found out m y feet were the problem! Without thorough dialogue and careful time taken to 'poke and prod' I might not have made the miraculous recovery I did! Not only can I run without hip pain, but my times are better and my distances are farther. I'll tell anybody who will listen how great your staff is from the time you walk into the door till you walk out. I thank you so much for fix my "broken" parts and preventing future problems."

Sarah Renner

"I am able to do simple daily tasks again such as making my bed, using my seatbelt, etc. without pain. Thank you!

Staff - Awesome.

Therapists - experienced, thorough, personable, and awesome.

Result - Happy!"

Peggy Vance

"Knowledge based healing hands that get to the root of the problem."

Marty McPhee

"The staff and the therapists were friendly, knowledgeable, and most importantly, committed to teaching better habits of posture to correct problems. The hands-on therapy was excellent."

Jeanne Little

"I was completely unprepared for what having a C-section and then taking care of a baby would do to my body. I am so grateful for the people at Body Awareness for giving me the tools to heal and focus on my baby rather than on my pain...I couldn't be the mother I want to be to my daughter without the blessing of finding Body Awareness's unique women's health program- I wish every new mom who found her body falling apart could know that there is help for them."

Edana Yick

"This was the best physical therapy I have experienced. The combination of hands-on therapy plus the guided exercises was perfect. Instead of being a chore, you made it fun. I hate to see it end!"

Cathy Garite

"I was several months pregnant when referred to Body Awareness. At my initial visit, Chrissie was able to relieve a lot of the back pain I was experiencing. Through muscle manipulation, posture changes, and exercises, I achieved a level of fitness I would not have been able to otherwise. The entire staff at body awareness was great, especially during my last trimester. Everyone was helpful and encouraging. I had a smooth labor and delivery. The nurses said I was in great shape, no doubt, it was because of all the physical therapy. I now have a healthy beautiful baby girl. If I am lucky enough to ever have another baby; Body Awareness will again be an important part of my pregnancy regime. Thank you Body Awareness!"

Jessica Williams

"I never thought I would be able to walk long distances again until I learned how to strengthen and stretch the right muscles. Thank you, you have changed my life."

Wendy Fink-Weber

"Everyone pays close attention to my needs. I enjoyed my visits, knowing I was in good hands. I would recommend Body Awareness to anyone!"

Leon Holland

"With only 3 therapy sessions and daily exercises at home for 3 weeks almost all pain is gone. I was pleasantly surprised when Lindsey seemed to recognize the cause of my pain so quickly and knew exactly how to treat it."

Joann Rodriguez

"I have absolutely have no more tailbone pain, which was due to my pregnancy. I previously had pain for about 18 months prior to coming here, but now I feel completely pain free. Now we hope to have another child - tailbone pain free!"

Stephanie Acosta-Mohammadi

"I came to Body Awareness with shoulder pain that prevented me from living the athletic lifestyle I was accustomed to. After completing the program I can compete again free of pain!"

Eric Smith

"Body Awareness was terrific! I have become much more aware of C6 and surrounding area. I have now incorporated the movements into daily life and feel great! Thank you so much."

Mike Bosse

"After coming to Body Awareness, I have become much stronger and more stable in my shoulders. I no longer have pain while playing water polo. Thanks!"

Jamie Williams

"The Body Awareness staff is an excellent professional group. All the staff- office, aides, and therapists- work together, know their jobs, and provide a warm positive atmosphere. They are attune to the needs of the patient and work closely and professionally to provide excellent service. I have found them trustworthy and a fine professional organization with the best interest of the patient in mind."

Paul Abels

"My legs and knees were very weak. I was unable to get out of a chair easily and could not walk without knee pain. My lower extremities are stronger and I seldom experience pain."

Patricia Razzano