Body Awareness Pregnancy Fitness Program

At Body Awareness Physical Therapy, we have developed an effective pregnancy fitness program that can be tailored to meet your physical fitness needs. Our licensed physical therapists use the incorporation of gentle Yoga, Pilates, and modified exercises ranging from lower abdominal recruitment with daily activities to buttock and arm toning in order to maintain optimal posture and strength in preparation for delivery.

Who would benefit from Body Awareness Pregnancy Fitness Program?
  • This program is designed for the pregnant female who is pain free.
  • Would like to develop a safe exercise program for those who have not been exercising regularly
  • Would like to continue to maintain a safe higher fitness level during pregnancy for those who exercise regularly

If you think you would benefit from an assessment from a licensed physical therapist that specializes in prenatal care to help you develop an appropriate fitness program tailored to meet your needs, ask your OB/GYN if you are a candidate for our 3-visit pregnancy fitness program.

If you are currently experiencing pain or loss of functionyou may be a candidate for physical therapy. Your health insurance may cover physical therapy treatment with a referral from your physician.

What should I expect from Body Awareness Pregnancy Fitness Program?
  • Visit #1:
    • A comprehensive assessment of your posture, body mechanics for daily living, history of exercise and fitness goals during pregnancy.
    • Education on prevention of potential injuries that could occur based on our findings.
  • Visit #2: Specific exercises targeted toward established fitness goals with handouts for reference.
  • Visit #3: Review program and add or modify your program to meet your changing body's needs.
  • All visits are performed by a licensed physical therapist that specializes in Prenatal Wellness.
How do I sign up for the 3-Visit Pregnancy Fitness program?
  • You must obtain clearance from your OB/GYN prior to your assessment.
  • Once you obtain clearance from your OB/GYN, just call our office to schedule with one of our licensed physical therapists.
  • Be sure to mention that you are coming in for our Pregnancy Fitness Program as opposed to an evaluation for an injury or condition.
Pregnancy Fitness: Myth vs. Truth

Myth: You cannot recruit your abdominals after the 4th month of pregnancy.

Truth: No sit-ups after 4 months (not recommended ever).


Myth: Walking is the only exercise recommended to pregnant women.

Truth: Modified Pilates, Yoga, and modified exercises are all great ways to stay in shape throughout pregnancy.


Myth: My energy level will be
lower if I exercise.

Truth: Fitness at delivery will help the pushing phase of labor.


Myth: I should not begin exercising during pregnancy if I did not exercise prior to getting pregnant.

Truth: Exercises need to be modified and specified to each individual during pregnancy.


Myth: It is safe to continue my pre-pregnancy exercise routine.

Truth: High aerobic activity is not recommended due to chance of increasing womb temperature.

Pregnancy Fitness:
3 Visit Pregnancy Fitness Program: $350.
Includes Initial Consultation and 2 -30 minute Follow Up Sessions