Body Awareness Finding your Abdominals Again Program

With the growing number of Cesarean Sections being performed, increasing age of delivering moms, and higher starting weights at conceptions, it is not uncommon for women in these situations to lose all awareness of the abdominal musculature.

The abdominal wall consists of four main abdominal muscles - the external obliques, the internal obliques, the transverse abdominus, and the rectus abdominus. The abdominal wall is stretched and elongated as your baby grows. After delivery the elasticity of the tissue is compromised, leaving you with the feeling of overstretched flabby tissue. The time frame for the return of elasticity of the abdominal muscles depends on age, weight gain during pregnancy, time frame between pregnancies, awareness of you abdominal muscles before and after delivery, as well as proper recruitment of the abdominal muscles during daily activities and with exercise. Body Awareness has developed a program specifically targeted at finding your abdominals again.

Who would benefit from Body Awareness Finding Your Abdominals Again Program?
  • This program is designed for women who are not in pain or have lost function.
  • Women who have lost ability to recruit their abdominal muscles properly.
  • Women who can't seem to get rid of the "muffin top" (lower bulge around waistline).
  • Women who are unable to perform a Kegal or do not know if they are performing a Kegal correctly.
  • Women who want a strong and functional core.
  • Women who want to learn how to strengthen their abdominal during all daily activities.
How do you know if you are recruiting your abdominal muscles properly?

Try this exercise.

  1. Place your hands below your belly button as if to cradle your stomach.
  2. Take a large breath in, allowing your belly to fill up with air.
  3. On exhale bring your belly up away from your hands in an upward and inward motion using your abdominal muscles.
  4. Do not tuck you buttock or pelvis under.

Can you do it? Think of putting on your "skinny jeans" if you have a hard time visualizing. Now remember your abdominal muscles are postural muscles and should be engaged slightly all day with all activities, but should not be engaged so hard you cannot take a full breath. If you have difficulty with this exercise or are not sure if you are performing it properly, you may benefit from our Finding Your Abdominals Again 3 visit Program.

What Should I Expect from Body Awareness Finding Your Abdominals Again Program?
  • Visit #1:
    • A comprehensive assessment of your posture, body mechanics for daily living, history of exercise and fitness goals.
    • Education on prevention of potential injuries that could occur based on our findings.
  • Visit #2: Identify each of the abdominal groups, learn how to recruit each group individually, learn how to recruit your abdominals as a unit. Breathing techniques and incorporation into postural and activities of daily living.
  • Visit #3: Review proper recruitment patterns for abdominals. Given an individualized program to continue to train your abdominals properly.
  • All visits are performed by a licensed physical therapist that specializes in Postnatal Wellness.

Finding Your Abdominals Again:
3 visit Finding Your Abdominals Again Program: $350.
Includes Initial Consultation and 2 -30 minute Follow Up Sessions