Bladder Dysfunction

Body Awareness Physical Therapy specializes in bladder dysfunction that is the result of pelvic floor dysfunction. The pelvic floor is considered the gateway. If the pelvic floor is in spasm, the bladder may not void urine properly due to the urethra opening passing through the pelvic floor. The bladder will then tell the body it has to urinate more frequently because it can't void completely. Urinary retention may also result. We at Body Awareness understand that bladder dysfunction can severely alter one's ability for normal activities of daily living. Our program is designed to increase your function so that you may return to your regularly activities as well as give you the tools to empower yourself to heal.

Types of bladder dysfunction that can occur with pelvic floor dysfunction include:

Stress Incontinence - The inability to control urine leakage or flow with stresses such as a coughing, sneezing, laughing, or exercise.

Urinary Frequency - Having to urinate more than every 2 hours during the day or frequently getting up at night to urinate.

Urinary Urgency - Having the urge to urinate without feeling like you can make it to the restroom. "I have to go and I have to go right now!"

Urinary Retention - The inability of the bladder to fully empty during urination.

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