Welcome to Body Awareness Physical Therapy

The name Body Awareness Physical Therapy represents our intention for your experience in physical therapy. I believe that by helping you to increase that awareness of your own body (where it is and how it moves in space) through education, hands on treatment, and exercises designed specifically for you, you will be able to achieve your maximum personal health.

Chrissie Morgan, PT
Owner/ Physical Therapist

"Chrissie has proven her expertise and skill as a physical therapist
with my complex rehabilitation requirements following my hip
replacement surgery. Due to her successful techniques, I have
achieved great results with a speedy recovery."

Doug DeCinces
Voted All Time 3rd Baseman - Anaheim Angels

"Chrissie's knowledge and skill in treating my shoulder
and back has helped me to continue to play water polo
at a highly competitive level."

Robert Lynn US National Water Polo Team/
Cercle Des Nageurs De Marseille

"I have been lost in the shuffle with other physical
therapists and doctors, but not so at Body Awareness.
They took the time to truly personalize and target
my treatment. Your encouragement and support made
all the difference in the world. Thanks to you all."

Valerie Martin

Knowledge is Power... Body Awareness is self empowerment.